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why does this remind me of......

alyx???? i think it is the eyeliner....

please do not kill me......

industrial time

it is 2:42am, time to get my headhunter on!!!!!

tonights quote of the night

"knowing howie, he is going to hell; or Valhalla. either way, he is going places"

Reading material for this week.

Richard k. Morgan- woken furies, been waiting for this one for a while.

Sergei lukyanenko- daywatch

Douglas Adams- the long dark tea time of the soul. Classic!!!

I finally got a facebook account. I am now assimilated into your Borg collective.

Add me to your collective- howie d rivet

Rubber chicken quotes

From leendabunny to me - "howie, why am I covered in rubber chickens... I have not had this happen since I was 22"

From Anon. "never challenge a big guy holding two rubber chickens, you just don't know what he is thinking"

Mobile lj

LJ finally got an iphone app. Expect more postings. Review of this app coming soon.


invader zimism