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the end of the world will be 5 feb. 2009, for that is the day i turn 30. it will be so epic that there will be whole week of drunk-ness

thursday 5 feb. 2009 BE HERE FOR THIS ONE.

DINNER BEFORE HAND @ Sushi Groove, folsom and 11th 7PM

after dinner there will be fun at the 1984 held at the cat club night club. i got a VIP booth set aside for friends and myself.

my schedules for that week

monday 2 feb 2009 @ deathguild

Tuesday 3 feb 2009 @ drunken monkey

weds 4 feb. 2009 @ Herr-a-chick @ DNA. lots of drag-queens.

Friday 6 feb 2009 @ DNA for the zombie prom


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Jan. 28th, 2009 06:30 am (UTC)
why is pedo bear in this video?

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