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am i alone?

is there anybody on this site still?

dear lazy web

how do i link twitter to LJ?

i got a new buddy!!!

I named him Odin

BBQ at my place this sunday

We just moved into our new place and love it!!! Come and join us for our house warming BBQ! If you want to grill anything up feel free to bring something over. BYOB. Jager, Skyy and Jameson are highly approved.

from S.F. 80- to West Grand Ave., right at Mandella Parkway, right at 14th St., left at Campbell St. and right on 11th st. now look for parking we are the second house on the left.

BART- walk up Center St., left at 9th St., right at Peralta St., left at 10t St., right on Campbell St. and a left on 11th St. we are the second house on the left.

See you there.

and here is a pic of eric

almost done moving

about 90% done with move-in to new place here in oakland. diggin the new pad, now is just the long tedious task of final placement of knick-knackery.

now i just need some one to help me with setting up my WiFi. need to set up security and a repeater, the place is big and i don't get strong signal in the back rooms

rivet beats metal

lead singer of Mayhem came up to me and out of nowhere started confessing his undying love of industrial music, i am so freaking industrial that one of the most infamous and notorious metal bands EVER become rivet in my presence. not even the satanic church burning forces of metal can resist my rivetness, i should be a industrial cult leader.

Howie's Industrial cult for industrial people... join now and guarantee your spot in the dystopian future of 1997!!!!

    Hello and welcome to Howie's Weds Night. Type ? for help.

    > look

    There are three doors here.

    > look east

    To the east is BaGG.
    everyone you know is there.

    > look west

    To the west is Bender's.
    people you know are there.
    Mission hipsters are there with wannabe bike messengers. 

    > Look South

     to the south is your favorite fishing pier.
    Sub freeze your balls weather exist.
    Further south is Home. 

    > Go East


    > Ya Srsly

    You enter Bagg and are eaten by a Grue.

    > _


come to DNA Lounge now!!!! SAVE DNA Lounge

this guy is awesome, truly awesome!!!!!

i say...

the more meat i eat, the more juicy i become. that's bigdonkeyretard talkin' bout me.

and i am twice as awesome as captain James t. kirk. that is more awesome then humanity can handle. feel and fear my awesome!!!

creative ideas for dead squirrels

i have a few freshly frozen dead squirrels that have been living in my freezer for a while now.  structurefall  and that_lyric  gave me the last one quite some time ago.

i need ideas on what to do with them. include misdemeanors and felonies in thought process.